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Below are the terms and conditions of Glamiva ©.

Delilah Owns Glamiva
I am the sole owner of Glamiva © and all of it's contents excluding those that were taken from other sites for references. I do not consent people who take any part of my site without written permission for commercial use.

All Rights Reserved
Glamiva © uses content belonging to other sites; e.g. pictures and texts. These contents belong to their source, who hold the copyrights.

For strictly non-profit use, I authorize:
Copying or reproducing for personal / non-commercial use only.
Write reviews and short quotations for the purpose of examples and illustrations, provided that the source- Glamiva are clearly mentioned.

Reviews Policy
All reviews in this site including but not limited to make up, skin care, movies, places, etc are purely based on my own views (non-commercial) and experiences with them.

My Bodyguard
Glamiva.com uses Copyscape.com for monitoring the web for copycats and protection against plagiarism.

Copyright infringing sites will be denounced to their hosting providers and exposed to immediate shutting down. You've been warned.

Contact Me
You can contact me at del@glamiva.com. In the title please put 'GLAMIVA' first so that I can detect spams.

Thank you.

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