Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's Been A While
Glamiva it's been awhile 2021
Hey you. It's been a while and I hope you're doing okay.

The Situation in Malaysia

Malaysia new cabinet August 2021

Whoever you are, wherever you are, life is going to get more challenging with Covid-19, what with our latest change of cabinet and current regulations here in Malaysia - that seems to be improving slowly.

Just as how our Ministry of Health DG Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah is taking it day-by-day rallying up our frontliners improving mortality rates and and risking his and his staff's lives, I think the rest of us the rakyat should also start to slowly accept Covid-19 as an endemic. International Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali recently informed the CNBC that Malaysia will start treating the virus Covid-19 as an endemic around end of October 2021, and estimated more than 75% of the population will be fully vaccinated by then.

By December companies and businesses, hopefully be allowed to open and run pre-Covid. Travel sectors, for domestic at least, be allowed and I can (finally) balik kampung to Sabah. 

Glamiva it's been awhile 2021

What I've Been Doing (Recently)

I have just revamped Glamiva.com with a new dress (do you like it?), look forward to get her up on her article count, SEO game and see where she'll fly next. 

Since pandemic started there were some negativity and loss with the people around me and their close contacts, it was disheartening to watch and hear their stories of depression, anxiety, retrenchment, and even some - their well being. 

With the extra time that I have during this pandemic what with working from home (WFH) and having lunch, dinner, workout, New Year, Raya, birthdays - basically a self-lockdown happening at home, I felt it's time to bring Glamiva back up and give her a new face. I'll talk more about it in my future post, but rest assured I plan to keep up my word this time as I believe she will bring me zen, soothe my soul and spread positivity to those who read her.

I have also been trying to lose weight. Believe me when I say those in 30's lose weight MUCH slower than when they were in 20. Been missing my fam too, I'll get teary whenever I see KK places or Raya pics with the fam on IG. #lifeishard

Okay that is all. Till next post, it feel great to reconnect and have a fresh start, even though it's September and we're 9 months past January. Hahaha

Better late than never, right?

Take care.


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