Sunday, December 31, 2017

KFit Promotion Code Malaysia for Christmas 2017 / New Year 2018
KFit has their Christmas 2017 - New Year 2018 promotion (Dec 2017 month) up now guys!! It is one of the cheapest promotions that they've come up with for this year 2017.

What is KFit?
KFit gives you access to gyms, studios, salons and spas in your city. You can opt to download the app and book via your smartphone while enjoying savings of up to 70% (web browser is good too!). Whether it's for your daily workouts at your neighbourhood gym or a massage at the best spa in town, KFit gets you covered on all things health and wellness.

You Have 3 Options

KFit promotion discount offer code malaysia christmas 2017 new year 2018 dec 2018
1 Month try out for RM89, after discount (Save RM50)
Promotion link: Click me!

3 Months try out for RM279, after discount (Save RM138)
Promotion link: Click me!

12 Months try out for RM999, after discount (Save RM669)
Promotion link: Click me!

Click the "Click me!" text under your preferred option, get your savings and start your 2018 healthier! The link is still good at the time of blogging this article, 31 December 2017.

KFit promotion discount offer code malaysia christmas 2017 new year 2018 dec 2018
I think if you are just getting interested in working out or figuring out if you will like KFit or not, I suggest checking out their available partners on their website (AKA the gyms, studios and salons) and see if they come to your liking. And if you do, I recommend getting the 3-month offer because 1 month is just not enough to evaluate KFit and there are your commitments to take into account. There is no excuse on not making it to the gym or working out because you can literally book your sessions at the super last minute! (I've booked a session, the latest 3 hours in advance and it's still good)

Too late for you?
No worries! Click here and get a discount on your first purchase** with KFit under my membership code, "MUS9B". You're welcome. =)
**My membership code/link is ONLY for first time users. 

Happy KFit-ing guys!


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