Sunday, November 19, 2017

Delilah is Back - 19 November 2017 Comeback
Hey guys,

Delilah here. I'm not sure how many people will read this, but just for a milestone record - as of  now,  the pageviews for Glamiva is so, sooo much lower than how it used to be. Let me show you my blog stats as of 19 Nov 2017, 3.24PM (Malaysia time).

As you can see, for the past 4 weeks, Glamiva has only 3k+ pageviews, average pageview is about 30-50 per day. This is incomparable to her glory days where Glamiva can easily get thousands of pageviews a day. Nope I kid you not.

Glamiva was left by herself for the past 4 years (almost 5 now), thanks to me focusing on work since graduating in Aesthetics. So the sad stats today is a no-shock, it is expected. Painful but expected. My bad, I'm so sorry Glammy.

But not anymore.

I will make her The Blog of the community, of the country again, and beyond. She will have a new face and make a comeback strong with style, elegance and attitude. She will be the platform for honest beauty reviews, good food, community happenings, lifestyle and real talk.

I have so many things to share, so many stories to tell. What I've learned during my absence these past 5 years from personal and professional experiences will be put to the test in this quest, and I welcome you to subscribe (you will see my Feedburner page), follow me on Instagram @d3lilah and keep updated in my journey.

With love,


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