Sunday, April 3, 2011

UPKO Strongmen 2011 Competition for Kaamatan Celebration
There'll be another strongmen competition in conjunction with the UPKO Kaamatan Celebration!

UPKO Strongmen 2011 Competition Activities
Tyre Flip
Dead Lift
Atlas Stone

UPKO Strongmen 2011 Competition Prize
First RM500
Second RM 400
Third RM 300
Fourth RM200
Fifth RM 100
Sixth & Seventh RM 80
For more info, call Edward Sinimon Singsong at 016 8400928 or
Olivia Osmund at 088 420881 or
Roger Frederick at 016 8800097.

Details of UPKO Strongmen 2011 Competition
15 May 2011
Dewan Masyarakat Menggatal.

Registration is only RM50 and you need to sign up before 8 May 2011!

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