Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quote of The Day: "Love Wasn't Meant to Be Rational. It Was Meant to be Experienced and Felt"
“Love wasn’t meant to be rational. It was meant to be experienced and felt.”

― S.L. Naeole

quote of the day old couple hold hands

Love, there's no rationality in there if you ask me. From all the experience of having 10 boyfriends...not all at once la aa, I'm not that type of girl..wasn't and never will, there's not sensibility when someone is in love. I mean, in the sense that they'd do anything and nearly everything for the one they love. And that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Remember our late Malaysian teenager Alviss Kong? He committed suicide all for a girl who didn't like him. No rational in that right? But for him it was very rational. Very very very. Why? Because of love. He felt it, yes, correct, he felt it very much and he cannot think of anything else or think further about the situation that can make him think it wasn't sensible. It was sad. Very sad.

Back to the topic, I myself right now am happily using my brain instead of 100% emotions now with the ones I love, including Snowy. xD I tend to be intrigued when I see cat food or cat toys here in Semenanjung and then thought, better don't, cuz I don't think he'd be interested in the effects of his raging maturing hormones there in his testicles. xD

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