Friday, April 22, 2011

Justin Bieber's Hair for Animals Sold Off at US $40,668.00!
Wow. I'm speechless. Justin Bieber had just donated his hair for a good, really good cause of Ellen Degeneres's foundation, The Gentle Barn.

justin bieber hair auction on ebay via ellen degeneres
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The Story
When Ellen's birthday was coming near, she tweeted that she had a one simple wish- a lock of Justin Bieber's hair and Justin tweeted back that she was getting her wish come true! Ellen got her gift and she decided to donate it for The Gentle Barn (an animal rescue organization). Justin even signed the box as a bonus! Whoa! It's something like our Datuk Lee Chong Wei gave away his winning racquet for charity. Awesome...

Youtube: Justin Bieber Presents Hair Present to Ellen Degeners
Watch this youtube video clip where Justin gave away his chopped locks off and signed the box!

Justin Bieber's Hair- The Winning Bid
It was auctioned off at a whopping US $40,668.00!! Whoa!! That's more than RM100,000 here! Way to go Bieb! So happy for the animals.

I wonder if this will spark a trend amongst celebrity know, to auction off their hair or anything that belongs to them. That will be good. Very good. =)

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  1. So that is where all his girly hair went to... haaha. But good enough of him la. He's a good guy actually, wonder what he'll be doing when he's an adult :D

  2. Arms, for sure he'll be a handsome one. xD

    Cinoi. xD Ya ba hebat oh kan.

  3. Hey this metter is really interesting. Keep it going buddy !


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