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Fake Eggs Seized From Pulau Tikus, Penang
fake eggs from pulau tikus penang 2011
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Seven officers from the Penang Domestic Affairs, Co-operatives and Consumerism Department have seized 378 eggs from 3 stalls at the Pulau Tikus market as a result from claims saying that fake eggs filled with chemicals were being sold there. Each stall was seized 3 trays (90 eggs) and an hour later, a team of four from the State Health Department collected more samples. The Star reported.

A Domestic Trade Department spokesman said that the samples would be sent to the Chemistry Department or the Veterinary Services Department for analysis.

The Complain
One of the complains was from a housewife, saying that she bought a tray of 30 eggs for RM11 at that market but later found they don't smell like real eggs and were tasteless.

The Egg Sellers
Lim Beng Poh, in her 60s, said that the eggs from her stall were from her brother, Lim Chong Teng's poultry farm in Titi Serong, Balik Pulau. At the farm, Chong Teng's wife said they reared 7,000 chickens which produce about 5,000 eggs a day. Both Lim and Chong Teng's wife are sure that their eggs are pure eggs, not fake ones.
Tan Shuan Soon, 56 years old, dismissed the reports of fake eggs, claimed that an egg's texture would change between 7 and 10 days.

The Fake Egg Tasting
The Star reporter tasted a boiled egg at the CAP's office and found that it was "not awful but tasteless".

"Unlike the real ones that have the smell of an egg being boiled, the fake ones were odourless," she said.

The yolk was tried to be separated from the egg white but the yolk broke into smaller pieces. "In a real egg, the yolk can easily be removed whole," she said.

Del Says
I'm shocked! If it's true... then everything in this world is starting to be fake nowadays...fake eggs, fake juices, fake ICs', fake boobies...xD Everything lah! So how? Makan pasir la better. Maybe later there'll be fake air too eh? Gee God forbid.

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