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Home Remedies: Myth or Fact?
I'm sure you know at least three home remedies for health problems- simple ones like cold, know, home remedies, without over-the-counter medicines. Something like eat ginger slices with salt, literally like that, for your diarrhea or have that claypot with chinese herbs in it and drink it to make your cold go away, or just take oranges after meal xD. You get the idea. Source from

Home remedies- BUSTED

Chicken Soup for colds
It's not a myth at all! Chicken Noodle Soup is effective against fighting cold symptoms! Here's how it works;

When [we] added chicken soup to a petri dish full of neutrophils (inflammatory cells), the ability of these cells to move around and migrate was decreased. Neutrophils are cells that help to fight infection but also cause inflammation which is responsible for some of the uncomfortable symptoms experienced with a cold.

Wow! Amazing!

home remedy chicken soup for cold and fever

Cranberry Juice for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

The New York Times Wellness Blog has explored whether cranberry juice is a cure for bladder infections recently. According to the article...

[R]esearchers have repeatedly shown that the juice does effectively prevent some species of bacteria from adhering to the cells that line the urinary tract. More to the point, urine from both mice and people who drank modest amounts of cranberry juice also prevented bacterial adherence.

Vitamin C for Immune Health

When we start feeling sick, for sure we'll take supplements. I bet you most people would surely get vitamin C. xD According to the Harvard Health Journal, vitamin C is likely a good choice when taken with other micronutrients like with Vitamin B6.

Ginger for Nausea

According to Samantha, the author of the article, she said that ginger works well to relieve a stomach ache and nausea- according to her experience. NASA, she said, even uses it to counter the nausea in outer space. Lifespy ( recommends you sip on ginger soda and ginger beer for they contain more ginger than ginger ale.

Coffee for Hangover

Too bad, this one is a mistake remedy. Coffee is a bad hangover choice for a lot of reasons. First, coffee would make your dehydration during the hangover worse. Secondly, it'll make you more anxious. So don't take your expresso or whatever, just rest, take a banana (replenish your lost potassium) and some water. That's it. Sooooooo easy laaa...

Saltiness for Morning Sickness

According to Medline Plus, there's some accuracy in this for certain. When you feel nauseated, have bland foods like ginger ale, broth or saltine crackers to soothe your stomach. Easy! =D

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