Movie Review: Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

February 10, 2011

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo

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I saw Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) on HBO this morning. This American movie is a remake an old 1987 movie Japanese film "Hachikō Monogatari", based on a true story that happened in Japan in the early 90's. I was just having my breakfast and casually glancing at the tv when the movie started and I got real serious watching it as the movie started to go further more...emotional.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) Sypnosis
A heart-warming movie based on a true story of a college professor's bond with an abandoned dog that he saw at a train station that he used to take between work and home.

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) Cast
Three Akita dogs named Chico, Layla and Forrest as Hachiko
Richard Gere as Parker Wilson
Joan Allen as Cate Wilson
Cary-Hiroyuki tagawa as Ken
Sarah Roemer as Andy (Wilsons's daughter)
Jason Alexander as Carl (guy works at the train station)
Erick Avari as Jasjeet
Davenia McFadden
Robbie Sublett as Michael
Kevin DeCoste as Ronnie
Rob Degnan as Teddy Barnes
Tora Hallstrom as Heather
Donna Sorbello as Myra
Frank S. Aronson as Milton
Troy Doherty as Sal
Ian Sherman as Student Pianist

Source from imdb.

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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Del Says
This is most probably the most emotional, the most heart-warming, strikes-through-the-heart movie that I've ever seen in my whole entire life. This movie circles around loyalty and how warm and affectionate pet owners and pets can be. I have cats and I've lost cats and I can very much relate to this movie. If you own a pet, it would be a sin to not watch this movie. I think this is a very good movie with good morales to be learnt from and everybody especially children should watch this and reflect ourselves. I did that.

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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How Sad Is It?
Tell you the truth, I cried for more than 1 hour for this movie since the 'tragedy' in it. From a real story, to think that a puppy could devote such amazing fondness, love and loyalty towards it's owner as it matures has such innocence, such awe to me that we humans I think, can only grasp so little of it. I am so going to have my kids watch this movie in the future. If there's a remake, we'll see. =)

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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My crying got even worse when it was nearing the end and it showed Hachi got awakened by the last train on the railway one night, he got up, just as he'd been doing for the past 10 years of his life, walked towards the entrance of the train station without hesitation, with all the hopes in the world that he'd see his master again. People came out from the door, only several people at that time. He sat and lied down with his head on his paws, eyes closed, ears down on both sides of his head. Then he saw his master, Parker Wilson (starred by Richard Gere) calling for him 5 feet away. Hachi ran towards him, happy, delighted and alive again after waiting for so long. It was so beautiful. I got to a point where the crying was uncontrollable that I made sounds and saw Snowy came into the room and stared at me. I think my fishes stared at me too. xD

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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9.5/10 I think this is the highest rate I've given so far. This movie deserves it.

movie review hachiko a dog's tale 2009 on astro hbo
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I 200% recommend you to watch this movie and do prepare the tissue box next to you.

Shine on,

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  1. Endearing and heart-warming story of loyalty... love it!

  2. I watched this movie this morning too!! Cried my heart out sampai bengkak2 mata nie bah. =(


  3. omg..cant believe u juz watched it til now..shud hav watch it earlier..definitely a must watched movie 4 all animal-lover..a very touching movie..=,\

  4. You should watch the Original Japanese Version made in the 80's ..

    You need 1 big tank to watch the movie.

  5. It's based on true story but notin early 90's it's late 30's.

  6. Hey David! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I can't agree more with you. 2009 movie and I think this movie will last long within people's heart.

    Suhaira! What a coincidence! xD Ya ba my crying got so uncontrollable at the end of it....just so touching la all I can say.

    Fiona, I agree. Animal lovers should watch. Must watch!

    Yeah Flanegan I'm interested to watch the original one..must be 100x more sad emotions there. Japanese are so great with making people cry. Koreans too.

    Hey anonymous, thanks for correcting me!

  7. I loved this film so much, I watched it in german first because my boyfriend is german and I live in germany. It made way more sense in English though! I cried so much while watching this film, my boyfriend turns to me and says to me grow up you little tearjerker... I'm English and I didn't know what that word meant so it proves he can speak good english, I love this film almost as much as I love my boyfriend. See you for now though guys I recommend you watch this film

  8. Hey Rhiannan! Hmm I wonder what tearjerker means as well. xD Thanks for visiting!

  9. I was just visiting but then I saw this, .. I had watched the movie, I love your review and I agree with you that the rate is 9.5.. The movie is awesome..

  10. Hey there! Glad you agreed and I can still feel tears coming when I read up my review now, again. xD Awesome family movie, children should watch this.


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