Monday, February 7, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Twestival Nominations
Following the announcement about Kota Kinabalu Twestival 2011's charity donation application, I've submitted three nominations to be considered by them.

kota kinabalu twestival nomination of spca kota kinabalu and reef guardian and sabah wetlands conservation society on february 2011
Picture from

SPCA Kota Kinabalu ( I love animals!
Reef Guardian Sdn Bhd ( They're a non-profit and private company working towards to conserve the marine life in Sabah.
Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society (

If all three of them are up for nomination....phuuu I don't know la which one I'll choose. Maybe Reef Guardian....yea, most probably Reef Guardian. =)

Shine on,


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