Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Tungking' Means...
Do you know what "tungking" means? Not sure what language this is but I once thought "Tungking" means backbone because dad keeps on saying "Patah tungking" when somebody can't reach to the shuttlecock during badminton games. xD

I was wrong! We once went to send Man to Labuan via Menumbok port and I saw this a signboard menu of a stall saying "Sayap Ayam, Paha Ayam, Buntut Ayam, Ayam Tungking". Then I was like, huh? "Ayam Tungking" ??

The Fact Is...
So I asked members and they said it's the chicken butt. So "Tungking" means butt. The back seat. The rear end. xD

Shine on,

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