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Sulu "Datu" Title Selling Fraud
Apparently there are some scammers out there selling "Datu"-ship to honours-hungry Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur for between RM100,000 to RM300,000. Can you believe this? There are scammers and worst of all, there are people willing to pay that much of money for some title.

fraud selling datu titles to malaysians january 2011

Good for the victims then, that'll teach them to simply buy things without earning them. That's called cheating and people, if they know, won't respect that act. I know I wouldn't.

Sulu Sultanate Responds
They are upset and disgusted. Datu Albi Ahmad Julkarnain Albi the Prime Minister said that he's ashamed to hear about this news, “This is a serious crime and it should be stopped once and for all."

The Truth about "Datu"
Datu Albi said that the sultanate has stopped conferring "Datu" titles in 1936 after the death of the last sultan- Sultan Jamalul Kiram II (1894-1936).

So then...he said that those who claim to have been given the "Datu" titles by the Sulu Sultan after 1936 are "living a fantasy". Besides, their documents would be invalid and fake.

“Only the reigning sultan can confer such title on a deserving person who has shown excellent service and made contribution to the sultanate of Sulu,” Albi said yesterday.

What does the title "Datu" mean? Is it something like "Datuk" or "Sir"?

Source from Free Malaysia Today

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