Thursday, January 20, 2011

So What's at Star City, Really
Star City in Kota Kinabalu had been famously known for it's happening events of music, parties and conferences. It is also described as a shopping mall, a place for us shopping addicts to go to when we feel the need to spend rush in.

Good Parking Jockey
I never get to go to Star City until yesterday Tuesday (18 Jan). I parked at the parking place with the jockey to pay the fee to right after I closed my car's door. It was a convenient one, just pay RM3 per 2 hours and you get a piece of mind shopping without worrying your car get stolen or something. Oh and if you're over 2 hours? Another RM3 for the next 2 hours. xD It's okay if you ask me, because it'll be beneficial if you're in a hurry or just reasonable to park there as you'd spend more time and gas to scour around the area to find parking and waste time. RM3 is pretty good.

First Impression
So. Turned out the entrance to Star City is on the left side (if your left is the church). Pretty....unwelcoming if you ask me. No grand entrance like One Borneo or something. It's a big place right this Star City, even bigger than Centre Point. Should have something nicer to it's door welcoming guests if you ask me.

It was like Suria Sabah- parking then elevator to get into the building. I was sent on the first floor and this was what I saw.

review place star city kota kinabalu sabah

Got upstairs and saw something like the far end of one side of One Borneo. Empty hallways, less people than Asia City itself. Disappointed. Very.

Saw mainly computer shops, fashion boutiques (with lots of sales!) and restaurants. Too bad I didn't see 'Halal' logo or I would've got into the place. Delicious pictures posted were responsible for my appetite.

And guess what? I walked in a circle, past numbers of shops like those in Wisma Merdeka only and it ended. My walk ended. I got back to my starting point and puzzled. Saw two elevators and was told that was to the event/conference hall.

The lady at the counter told me that Star City's shopping experience was no further than the one I just experienced. Boo-hoo. And Star City is actually focusing more on events and holding up conferences up there. Right....went there for nothing. I was hoping for some serious shopping man.

So my experience here would be....if you're the owner of the shops there, you'd love it or you love one of the shops there for their great food, great fashion sense or favourite computer shop or lastly, if you're just passing by when you have something up at Star City. Asia City is way better to shop, trust me. I'd go here again if there's any event held up here or one of the shops advertise some delicious halal food or closing down sales on the paper.

Marine Sell in Sabah!
And guess what? I discovered somebody selling marine fishes and fish products here in Kota Kinabalu!

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