Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy is Sick- 9th Day
Today Snowy's activity was sleeping all day! Like I only see him sleeping all the time, seriously! Maybe because it rained...

Since he's feeling much much much better and is a somewhat picture of health, I decided to snap his photos! It must've been so boring reading my update on Snowy without any pictures. I just don't want to 'freeze' the moment where he's sick. Just happy, healthy times. =)

Snowy was sleeping in the middle of the day, on the coffee table, and it was like around 12 man! He was sleeping so soundly, like super2 deep in sleep! I move or got up to go to the kitchen, he didn't even twitch! xD

my cat snowy sleeping on coffee table next to laptop on january 2011

He looked so peaceful little baby . This is the most beautiful picture of him ever since he got sick that day.

my cat snowy sleeping on coffee table next to laptop on january 2011

His Appetite
Hmmm it seems that he eats a lot than during the day now. Because after breakfast, whenever I give him something to eat, he'd puke it out. Like, 5 seconds after swallowing it. Pretty...sad to watch really because almost every time I fed him he'd puke out. A bit worried about this...but he's really changing his interest! He's more of a fish today than chicken or dried food. =)

His behaviour? Well, the above says it all. He just slept all day man, can't say much. xD

Shine on,


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