Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowy is Sick- 5th Day
Today, Friday 21 January 2011, Snowy got his second jab at Sabah Animal Medical Center.

Journey in The Car
Boy how Snowy was super uneasy! He was like, walking to and fro between the back seat, climbing the top of the middle seat, tip-handing on the hand bar next to the windows...glaring anxiously at the things he saw on the window itself. He was like, like there was a dog out there and he's trapped in the car! xD Guess he's better now. If not he'd be just lying there, staring at the dark carpet.

At The Vet
He was okay while waiting for his turn..then when his turn was up...he looked scared on the table. xD He leaned nervously next to my tummy..poor him. xD He was given just some shots for his sickness..and vitamin B complex as well. xD 3 shots altogether.

Paid RM25 only! Whoa that was pretty reasonable. =)

On the Way Home...
Snowy was crazy in the car! Punyala, he began his frantic movements, climbing the seats and go back and forth between the back seat and the car board upfront. Well at least I know he's super better now..

At Home
Snowy still feels light and weak to me, maybe because he hasn't eat like normal until now. He still doesn't want to eat like how he used to...but at least he starts to drink a bit now. And he's walking around the house...and disappeared for some time. Maybe he was checking up on his territory, like if any other cats have gotten into it..=p You know la Snowy.

And at night, around 8 pm he started to eat!! The story was when I was up in my room doing something and he came up and start meowing, with little voice. Like he opens but no voice come out..sometimes there is, sometimes none, or halfway through his mouth opening. xD He kept on meowing and I didn't know why. Mom offered him fried fish several minutes before and he didn't want to.

So I just petted him and sayang2 him like usual..I put him on my bed for I'd be away watching movie soon. So I left and he came down with me. xD So in the kitchen, mom thought he's hungry. Offered him sweet and sour fish, no. Rice itself, no. Then mom thought about the wet cat food Whiskas in the fridge, told me to try giving it to him. And he ate!! OMG how happy was I! He ate more than I get to have him eat before this. I took about quarter of tablespoon for him. Then I saw him finished it, I took half of tablespoon. He ate just half of it. =p But nevermind, I'm super happy already he's eating! =D

Maybe tomorrow, his third and finaly jab, will make him all better again...I hope...

Shine on,


  1. YAY~! ^0^ HE FINALLY ATE SOMETHING~! He's getting better already.

  2. Ya ba..and today, his third one, he got even better! Ate this morning, afternoon when we ate lunch, then tonight! So happy tinggal makan medicine....AGAIN. xD


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