Friday, January 21, 2011

Sneezing Style and Personality
Do you know that how we sneeze shows our bit of personality? I never thought of this before, like it can show how our attitude and character is. Very interesting read.

sneezing style shows human personality

Patti Wood, a body language expert, did a study on 547 people and their sneeze habits. Result? 4 types of sneezes that she believes are personality indicators. Whoa. Four types of character just out of sneezing styles.

The Correct: Carries kleenex and is careful to cover her mouth when sneezing.
Meaning: Respectful of others and likes to maintain a dignified disposition.
That's me alright. =D

The Supporter: Tends to hold in sneezes rather than risk sneezing on someone. Awww this is super hard if you ask me.
Meaning: Quiet and caring.

The Expressive: Makes a big production out of sneezing and often sneezes multiple times at once. Oh I see this a lot on old chinese men.
Meaning: A showy and dominating person. Haha!

The Driver: Sneezes loudly but quickly.
Meaning: Sneezes loudly but quickly. Something like me too! I sneeze pretty quick. Loud, not so sure, but people would surely hear me at a foot away. xD

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