Monday, January 24, 2011

Sabah Farmer Won RM30,000 in Shell Contest 2011
Somebody had a happy new year present so early! A farmer from Ranau, Sabah had won the "Shell V- Power 97 Win Weekly at Shell" contest! He brought home a whopping RM30,000 grand prize and a limited edition of Ferrari key rings!! Holy cow!

Borneo Post Online told that the farmer's name is Alimin Bin Jaikol, 28 years old.

Alimin Comments
“I have seen so many motorists who have benefited from previous Shell contests but I never thought I would be one of them."

“Farming is my main source of income and thus, I will use the cash winnings to invest to upgrade my farming business. This is the first time I have won a contest like this and thanks to Shell, this win will enhance my business as well as lifestyle."

I so agree. Upgrade your business and make it better. Congratulations Alimin!

Shell Malaysia's Representative
Azman Ismail, managing director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd said,“We take pride in our continuous efforts of rewarding motorists and each contest has always been better than the last.

"Shell V-Power 97 Win Weekly at Shell’ is giving away more than RM3 million in prizes to 13,560 motorists. On top of that, we will also be rewarding winners with the limited edition Ferrari key rings set."

This contest is going on for 15 weeks from 21 Decemebr 2010 until 6 April 2011. Alimin is the second week winner! Fancy getting 30k and a limited edition Ferrari key ring at the same time! I'm sure right now more people are buying from Shell...xD

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