Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Official Aquarium Tank with Guppy Fishes and Snails!
I'm soooo excited!! I wana show you my perfect guppy fish aquarium! It's officially open for viewers to watch! xD I bought this last Thursday but I forgot to buy an aquarium lamp with some other creatures - snails. xD It would be fun to watch not just one type of thing inside.

Pink Aquarium Lamp
I bought an aquarium lamp for RM36. Super bright, you can adjust it in any direction, any angle you want! I'm in love with my tank 100%!

aquarium tank with guppy fish and snails

One of my snails...I bought 5 of them! RM2 each. I saw one bigger with beautiful colors of red and orange, but too bad it wasn't up for sale- I saw fishes that cleans up the inner side of the aquarium glass too! But they weren't for sale either...DANG! xD

aquarium tank with guppy fish and snails

I'm thinking this size of aquarium doesn't give me 100% joy watching my fishes...I think I'd be getting a much bigger tank soon. Pretty soon. =)

aquarium tank with guppy fish and snails

Shine on,


  1. i hv to confess here that 'piara ikan' is just so not me..kalau suru jaga memang, keep on with the hobby ^_^

  2. should tho, Ken! Best! I mean, it feels nice to watch and I'd be watching for a long time before sambung balik kerja. xD New at this I'm still learning..thanks!

  3. hi there. nice setup. i've tried guppies before but i don't like it. i like tetra more. anyway, i just started my hobby last year as well :)

  4. Hey Terry! Thanks! I'm still new at this...just started less than a week man. xD Oh yea? Why so? I like the ones with bright blue stripes.... ^^


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