Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Aquarium Tank with Guppy Fishes
The first day I went out to check out what is really at Star City, I found a shop selling beautiful marine sea fishes and I knew I had to get at least one small tank from there.

So I got one! xD I bought all of these for RM120.

first aquarium tank with guppy fish on january 2011

I had several choices- Koi fishes, Guppy fishes, Gold fishes or bright blue fish, don't know what it's called. I decided to go with the guppies for they're small and so will my aquarium be and cheap! xD Perfect for a first-timer like me.

One thing I regret here is that I forgot to get a lamp. Dumb2 me. And a bit on the aquarium. Maybe I should just buy a big 4-foot one..aaah later la. So this aquarium isn't yet official in the house.

first aquarium tank with guppy fish on january 2011

My Supplies

I was given loads of stuff to start my journey having guppy fishes in the house. =)
Tubifex Worms (the natural fish food), freeze dried
Dolphin H-80 Power Filter (it doesn't work this morning. I have to get help soon)
Chili Shrimp Food Crystal Shrimp Food
Ki-Ki Anti-Chlorine
Aquadine Anti-White Spot Special Fish Care Specialist RM2.50 for 200ml
A fish small scoop
And a digital thermometer, came together with the aquarium I bought.

first aquarium tank with guppy fish on january 2011

They're still pretty scared of me or any human contact. Even sight of us near them scares them- they'd hide behind the tank or huddle around the plants. xD So cute. I think I want to add snails or worms in there. Worms are guppy's food. =)

Snowy hasn't seen this yet, but I'm sure his spirits will lit up once he sees this. =) Maybe I'd get a bigger tank if Snowy's better again.

Oh and how contradicting is this? I have cats and I just got them maybe-dinner! xD

Shine on,


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