Monday, January 10, 2011

Mr & Ms Suria Sabah 2011 Winners
We finally have a winner on the Mr & Ms Suria Sabah 2011 event! It's been held for about a month I believe, until early this month, January 2011.

The Winners

Here are the winners, photo courtesy from Suria Sabah Shopping Mall's Facebook page. Oh and the handsome man with glasses in the middle there is none other than the Chairman of Suria Sabah company, Mr. Humphrey Tan himself.

mr and miss suria sabah 2011 winner darren dexter and sarah soo kota kinabalu sabah

Mr Suria Sabah: Darren Dexter
Ms Suria Sabah: Sarah Soo

Congratulations goes to Darren and Sarah! I wonder if there'll be another Mr & Mrs Suria Sabah 2012 next year...maybe, as I see quite a pack of contestants at the backstage... tee-hee~ ^ ^

Del Say...

I have to say the response from the crowd on the...preliminary rounds (I was there) was so-so, like people weren't so excited about it and the hall space wasn't so full with people. Normal thing I think, as this is the first time for the event to be ever held this year.

So I think giving them media exposure like this one I'm doing here (blogging, duh), will make a hype for it and make people support this thing more and see it as something like what happened to X-pax's Stompin' Sabah- an annual must-see event.

Support local events Sabahans!

Shine on,


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