Monday, January 17, 2011

Mismatch Shoe: Current Fashion Trend?
Helena Bonham, a British actresss looked witch-like at the Golden Globes Award 2011 by wearing mismatched shoes, a mix of patterns of Vivienne Westwood dress and curly ringlets on top of her head! And she wore a black shade. What is this about?

helena bonham carter at the annual golden globes award 2011 mismatch shoes
Picture from I'm not Obsessed!

Is This the Trend Now?
I'm not sure. Even if it is, I don't want to. It's super wacky for me. I mean, mismatching shoes? Whoever thought about it sure does have a unique sense of wearing their clothes and showing their personality. I'd never wear this trend. Or any type of mismatching socks or something. Maybe earring, or gloves. =)

Shine on,


  1. woah..thats really bizarre...but i do wear mismatching earing though..cant decide which one to wear,so wear both!lol..anyway,laz week i did saw some mismatching earing on sale.reckon it's kinda the latest trend nw.


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