Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marine Fishes Selling in Kota Kinabalu
The day before yesterday I went to Star City Kota Kinabalu to check out the place for the very first time. I was disappointed with my findings. >.< Urgh. Turned out I wasn't disappointed for the day! I never knew there'd be people selling marine life here in Sabah!

Marine Fishes!
It was love at first sight. I mean, I was captivated with loads of aquariums of various sizes with unique marine fishes of all sorts, stacked up on shelves with bright light to bring up their harmonious colors. I was in awe of the colorful blend of fish scales with the background grasses and leaves contrasting with the soil or stones underneath. It was awesome!

green aquatic at kota kinabalu sabah malaysia

Favorite Tank
Here's my favorite tank of all the tanks in there. Isn't it lovely? I was told this needs RM2,000. Not so bad, I'd be willing too, if I make at least 5k's every month. xD These are saltwater fishes and that means they're from the sea, as you can see the obvious one right there- nemo! xD

green aquatic at kota kinabalu sabah malaysia

I'd get this one day. One day. Or maybe I'd get one, bigger!

RM15,000 Arowana Fish
There was one Arowana fish at the far end. It sells for a huge sum of RM15,000!! Holy cow....that's like, a MacBook laptop! xD

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