Monday, January 31, 2011

Malaysian Officials Heading to Egypt for Evaluation
Our Malaysian officials will be sent to Egypt tomorrow Tuesday to monitor the situation there and ensure the safety of our Malaysians, including my brother too, hopefully xD, The Star Online reported.

Look everywhere especially Al-Jazeera news, they're having chaos down there and my brother told us that he can actually see protesters walking down his street in Cairo. Scary...wonder how that feels.

The Team
The team, comprising five government officials from the Foreign Ministry, National Security Council in the Prime Minister's Department and also Higher Education department.

A. Kohilan Pillay, Ministry Deputy Foreign Minister gave out a statement today, Monday during a press conference at the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations at Jalan Wisma Putra;

"I have been asked to follow the team to monitor the situation there and ensure our students and other Malaysian citizens are safe."

They all will evaluate the situation there in Egypt and if there's a need to evacuate Malaysians there, including students.

Kohilan also advised Malaysian to postpone their flights there at this moment.

Our 'Insiders' in Egypt
Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said that the Malaysian Embassy and Malaysian Students Department (MSD) in Cairo are trying to ensure their safety as the situation has become worse.

"Our officers are going to their houses to check on their safety and advise them to store food, avoid crowd and not to get involved in demonstrations."

"The students must be responsibile for their own security as they can't expect embassy or MSD officers to be there all the time."

Khaled also said that the Government (not sure Malaysia or Egypt) was studying options available for the 11,000 Malaysians in Egypt and may relocate them to Jordan or Syria when necessary.

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