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Lucy, The Oldest Cat In The World
lucy from llanelli south wales is the oldest living cat in the world 2011

Meet Lucy. She's been living in our human world for 39 years and convert it to cat years, that would be 39x15 years= 172 human years! That was according to cat experts- Holy cow!

Lucy's from Llanelli, South Wales, belongs to a man named Bill Thomas, who works as a a Llanelli town counselor. Bill had Lucy when his wife's godmother, Maria Lewis, passed away in 1999. Boy that was a pretty long time ago. I was still in primary school!

Her Age
He didn't know how old Lucy was until his wife's aunt came to visit- "She could remember Lucy scampering around Maria's fish and chip shop when she was a kitten back in 1972." "We knew she was old - but not that old."

The aunt remembered Lucy from working at the shop in 1973, when Lucy was three years old. Others have confirmed seeing her in the shop in early seventies too. So that puts Lucy's born year in 1971/1972.

How is Lucy?
She's currently has lost her hearing- but she's in good health and is very independent. "She is great with the grandchildren and still likes to patrol the garden every day looking for mice," Thomas said.

"Most of the time she lies in her basket and has a sleep. The kids do wake her up and play with her, but she normally wakes up when she wants to...she's a bit stiff but she gets up for her food."

Awww....I feel like crying if I was there in the interview. I mean, imagine to live for so long, to see so many of your friends, relatives pass away, (maybe even children, grandchildren!) your human little person grow up and go away from home and all....oh I feel tear coming now. I wish we all can hear her speak in human language and listen to what she has to say after 39 years living.

Guiness Book?
There's currently no entry in the Guiness Book of World Records for the world's oldest cat. Lucy might be the first entry I see. =)

Let's all hope and pray that she'll stay happy and live healthily until the day she dies. Oh I must stop typing right now.

Source from Care2

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