Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guppy Babies Appear!
My recently-newly-official guppy fish tank has already been bombarded with guppy fish babies!! Wohoo! What a good way to start off the start! xD I know, start of the start? I'm not making any sense here am I? xD I call them my that means my that means I'm a grandmama already~

Here's the last pic of their single-mingle environment...

guppy fish babies on january 2011

Then the babies came out! I don't bother to count how many of them...they were too many and their bodies aren't so visible! You need to look hard enough to notice them in the water.

guppy fish babies on january 2011

Then I saw this fine errr...middle-aged man over here! He was the only one up with the floating leaves and his body was facing the babies, so I thought he's the dad! Even if he's not, let's just assume he's the daddy alright? =p

guppy fish babies on january 2011

Moments later I saw this. Daddy facing the babies, and something water-bubble-like stuck together with one of the floating leaves. I was like, "oh water bubbles" for one moment there. Then it struck me- "Why are the bubbles all same size??" Then it occurred to me that these are eggs, not water bubbles! xD

guppy fish babies on january 2011

Holy cow. It's not even a week after I got these fishes and they're already giving me babies! I'm scared.

Shine on,


  1. guppy, guppy, guppy~~ siok la pronounce the words.. guppy~ hehehe... congrats! ^^v


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