Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disgusting S*x Scribblings at Centre Point
Today as I was closing the door behind me in the toilet booth, I saw disgusting scribbles from sex maniacs on the back of the door. Couldn't believe what I saw because I was at Centre Point for God's sake, not some wood, mobile toilets in some village whose people don't know what shopping means. CENTRE POINT! Centre of Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah!

These sex maniacs left some sentences and mobile phones. The one with blue ink on the top left says "Mau rasa kena baris ka" (want to taste need to wait?). Wut da pineapples! Then below with blank ink there were loads more scribbles!

disgusting toilet at centre point sabah january 2011

This one says;
dia ni suka cakap kotor
dia Juga ada Penyakit

Clearly this one doesn't know proper grammar. Another one below;
Ini PuN Mahu Cari kawan Sambil cakap kOTOR.
Siapa berminat
hubungi 013-8716332

Then another one next to it, drawn in pencil I think, said;
ensem tp budu trip!

So I guess those who'll chase these vandalizers after this will have no problem chasing them eyh? Clearly these are amateurs.

disgusting toilet at centre point sabah january 2011

Creepy Feeling
But still, I find it uncomfortable! You know where I was right? Ladies' Room! And these are clearly boys's doing! Imagine how they got into that cubicle?? At night after playing snooker sneaking s*x-driven teenagers into their toilets and do it there?? I felt goosebumps you know all the time in there! Like, "these boys were here. Are they here? Can they see me?" It's super creepy! Like invaders! Urgh I can't stress much how crazy this is and how uncomfortable I was!

I don't care who's responsible to fix this thing, but better fix it fast because one more time of this type of scene and I'll be using the paid toilets! Embarrassing!

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