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Child Abuse Cases 2010 Triples from 2009 in Sabah
Health officials at a hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has detected a sharp increase of number of child abuse cases for the last year 2010. And it's worrying the authorities. I'm starting to get worried as well.

The Figures
A total of 142 child abuse cases were detected by the Suspect Child Abuse and Neglect (Scan) team at Sabah Women and Children Hospital. Gee that's pretty neat.

The chairman team Dr Fauziah Zainal Abidin said that the figure is almost 3x higher than 2009's figure of only 59. Holy cow! Add 8 more and it is the exact tripled amount!

Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun Visit
Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun, Briefing state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister visited the hospital on Friday, commenting that there are average one or two children died due to injuries caused by their own parents every year. These parents should just rot in hell if you ask me.

"Some children who we felt would not be safe to be left with their parents were sent to welfare centres."

Datuk Azizah said that the number of such cases detected in hospitals is concerning as only an estimated 10% of abuse cases were reported.

"There are many reasons why abuse cases are not reported, including society's lack of awareness of the law, fear of meddling in other people's private lives and reluctance to get involved with the authorities," she added.

She also said that the problem...probably one of the problems la, is that the common view of that children have no rights and child abuse is a family matter and not for the community to hush-hush about. Jaga tepi kain sendiri la it means. I disagree. If it gets out of hand and the parents are like devils from hell, why not you jump in and stop them? I mean we can all report about this, but I'm not so sure who or where to report of such cases. I'm not even sure what child abuse means! xD Thank God I never seen any physical abuse going on in my life or else I'd regret not doing anything for my ignorance.

"Without early intervention, children who have been abused will grow up to become abusive parents. Society cannot continue to pretend to be ignorant any longer on matters of child abuse and neglect."

"To overcome this problem, we need the involvement of all agencies, organisations and individuals. Society needs to change by taking interest in children's welfare and wellbeing."


Source from The Star / Asia News Network.

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