Friday, December 10, 2010

A Woman Spits on George Clooney
A woman spat on Hollywood actor George Clooney during his trip to Sudan. Pretty the opposite way of showing love, or hate? Read on.

george clooney spit by a woman in sudan

The Story
Clooney appeared with Ann Curry on a Dateline BBC special to talk about the conflict in the war-torn country (Sudan), then was spit by a female village elder.

"It was a tradition I haven't seen," he said. "She pulls you down and spits into your hands, then she pulls your head down and spits on top of your head."

I would've flipped if I was him. xD

The Truth
In the Abyei Village, spitting on one's head is considered a polite greeting and is supposed to bring the receiver of the spit luck. Wut??? How on earth anybody in this world can take spit as something as near as lucky?? I can't connect the dots. Help me out here.

Source from NY Daily News.

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