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Shocking News on Health and Cell Phone
My jaw dropped when I read this. It's about handphones and health. I've heard before of putting any electronic devices close to the body especially handphones, will increase your chance of having cancer. Brain cancer, to be exact. Yes, the National Cancer Institute did rule out this possibility and said it's safe to use. But health researcher and medical writer Kerry Crofton, Ph.D., says otherwise.

It turns out that the FCC wireless regulations on cell phone safety considers handphones to be safe if the handphone passes the thermal effect test (based on SAR- specific absorption rate). This, most phones comply. What consumers, or maybe even the manufacturers don't know, is that what the non-thermal radio frequency radiation (RF) can do.

shocking news on health and cell phone with children and kids

RF are the invinsible energy waves that connects cell phones to cell towers and they don't exist only in handphones- other 'everyday' items as well.

What RF Can Do
They can damage our immune systems and alter our cellular make up, even at intensities where it is marked safe by the FCC.

"The problem is that RF can transfer energy waves into your body and disrupt its normal functioning," explains Cindy Sage, an environmental consultant in Santa Barbara, California, who has studied radiation for 28 years.

"Here's why that's crucial: Overwhelming evidence shows that RF can cause DNA damage, and DNA damage is a necessary precursor to cancer."

The 2010 Interphone Study
The 2010 Interphone study is the latest update on RF exposure and here's the result:

People who chatted via cell for just 30 minutes a day for 10 years saw their risk for glioma (a type of brain tumour) rise 40%. 40%!

To read more on the article, click here. It will also give you tips on how to minimize your exposure to the RF radiation.

Stay safe.

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  1. They say the RF was much higher in smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone etc

  2. Hi rungitom! Serius?? Na more bad news...


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