Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sasa Smart White Regenerating Cleansing Milk 50% Off!
On the day I ate the new Currypuff from Tuah Baker, I bought a cleansing milk from Sasa. I've tried Neutrogena's Cleansing Milk and other brands, it's just that I want to explore more products before making a products my favourite. =)

sasa smart white regenerating cleansing milk 50% discount at warisan square kota kinabalu sabah

I bought Smart White Regenerating Cleansing Milk at Sasa Warisan Square. It was super cheap! They sold it net price for RM45 and it was on discount 50%. 50%! So it went down to RM22.50 only. I decided to try it since it's cheap and it has mineral oil top the second listed ingredients! This means this thing is super creamy and would do the removing super easy.

So yeah, might do a review on this one. Gotta wait me finish the bottle before I make a review tho, I think I need to finish a product up and understand it and have more experience on it before making a review, unlike other people who review them just after 2-3 days of using.

In other words, you can get this for two for the price of one! =) I didn't buy two though, never buy a lot of something that you've never tasted/tried before. =)

Shine on,


  1. U're just so true! btw, i'm looking for cleansing that removes make up easily... (haha..i suppose to use make up remover before washing my face, but sometime im super lazy)..; thinking of trying it too... ^_^ half price rite?..

  2. Oh, if you want it off real easy, I suggest you use cleansing oil. It's like a guarantee, like, if your cleansing milk/cream can't remove it all, the oil will 100% do the job.

    Yeap, half price! But you better head on there right now cuz like I said, it's the last two that I bought. xD

  3. cleansing oil? wah...never knew it b4..;p can u give some example ka Del?tq very muchiii...

  4. Dang! Serious?? Oil can remove all the make up in the world. Believe me. Even the waterproof ones with 7-day lasting power. xD

    Example? Aaaa....example of cleansing oil? Just type cleansing oil on google and you'd get a lot to see, any oil will do. =) I haven't found my fav cleansing oil yet.


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