Friday, December 10, 2010

Night Market (Pasar Malam) Blamed for Fire at Kampung Air
Remember the fire at Kampung Air? It seems that the fire could have been less severe and more property could be saved, if the night market wasn't there.

reason for fire at kampung air kota kinabalu was because night market or pasar malam hawkers

Okay, speaking of night market, those are the ones who sell bundle clothes, fake pearls and loads of watches and wallets under white tents with kalimantang lights for the night.

There was a press conference recently, facilitated by the Kota Kinabalu MP Dr Hiew King Cheu and also present, a group of Sabah DAP leaders including its vice chairman Edward Mujie and Youth chief Junz Wong

Their spokesman, Lee Thien Leong, the owner of the partially-affected De Galleria Hotel, pointed out that the losses incurred by him and his neighbour (S.L Letrik (Sabah) Sdn Bhd) wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the presence of the night market hawkers who prevented the fire engine from entering the place to carry out rescue operation.

Reading this, I felt so annoyed with those night market people. Irritated, for that matter. Most of them are foreigners, not saying China people, but it's the pilaks (Phillipinos). Not being a racist here, but some (note: SOME) of the pilaks that I've seen or heard of are all good for nothing earthlings. The good ones, well, they're often overshadowed by the bad ones, because the bad ones, usually were told of raping, stealing, pick-pocketing and occasional annoyance of their peewit's. People remember bad deeds more than good ones, right? They're like rats. Annoying, dirty bunch of low-lives. Urgh. I don't deny that even local people do and did more worse than these, but it would be nice if the local police authorities have lesser lot of 50% of their captured pilak criminals to deal with and focus on local cases only. See what I mean? Let Philippines or wherever they come from deal with their own people.

Lee Complained...

“Even the Fire and Rescue Department had subsequently confirmed that they were prevented from coming in to put out the fire due to the presence of the night market hawkers. They only managed to come in 45 minutes later.

“If they had come in much earlier, they could have better control of the fire using their own water reserve while looking for the fire hydrants nearby,” said a visibly emotional Lee who estimated his losses to be in the region of RM1 million.

“In fact, we have endured this (the presence of the night market hawkers) for the past 35 years. Enough is enough! We could no longer afford to take any risk especially in this trying time. Please bear in mind that we too are paying assessment rates to the DBKK besides paying the income tax,” he added.

Lee also recalled that they had about 10 years ago complained to the City Hall over the potential risk posed by the night market hawkers. Nothing was been done about it. Hopefully the wait stops this year. Right now.

It was also said by the other shop owners that because of those pasar malam people, they have to close shop early at 5pm.

Geez, DBKK should really do something about this or there'll be more problems in the future.

Source from Borneo Post.

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  1. hey!i was there after the fire taken out..and the fire truck just about to the market was set up illegally?i thought it was one of places of interest to walk arnd at nite..i mean to buy some cheap stuff..hw abt philiine market then?

  2. Hi Fiona..errr...that....have to ask the city hall. xD I won't call it cheap if you ask me...maybe some, but not all of it. Pasar Filipin too, not sure. =p But I tink they all are legal, if not, would've been out ages ago.


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