Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recipe Vegetable Popia Wraps
Remember the time when I was away for 3 no. 96 hours, that's 4 days! I cooked two meals! I mean, 2 dishes, Vegetable Popia and Garlic Breads! ^^

Here I'll show you super simple instructions on what I did to make that Vegetable Popia, or so I call it by that name. xD I was thinking of eating chopped vegetables like carrots, and that purple lettuce mom recently bought fresh from the market that time then wrap them around in a popia wrap.


I found carrots, purple lettuce and two types of scallions (big and small). So I chopped them first and put them nicely on a plate. No need for that nicey-nicey here, you'll mix them up later on anyway.

recipe baked vegetable carrot and purple lettuce wrap with popia

I thought, how to make them stay together when cooking later on? Surely they need something to be held on together and not separate when I wrap them.

So I decided to use Cucur Tepung Udang Adabi (Adabi Shrimp Ball Flour Mix) as the base, then put all the vegetables into the mixing bowl.

Seasoning was just a teaspoon of Maggi chicken stock, vegetable seasoning and mom's Himalayan salt.

recipe baked vegetable carrot and purple lettuce wrap with popia

Here comes the long, boring part. Putting them into the popia wraps. I suggest you just roll the bater into a ball then fry them. Of course, your bater has to be more of a solid state instead of a liquid state before mixing the veggies together.

In my case here, I wanted them to be in a wrap.

recipe baked vegetable carrot and purple lettuce wrap with popia

How to Fold

Put the bater in a vertical position like the above, fold the above and below fold first then the sides of the popia. Easy now, take it easy, don't rush. Or you'll end up having a lump of something that looks like a tissue soaked with bad milk.

When you're done, stick a fork on each of them to make holes, so that the insides will sure to be baked and not come out raw.

I baked them, about a 3/4 of the batch. I let them bake for about 20 minutes, medium heat. Like how you bake cookies that? I greased the pan with olive oil. Just a bit, like a teaspoon of it, a bit more smaller.

recipe baked vegetable carrot and purple lettuce wrap with popia

Tadaaaaaa! xD It's absolutely delicious! I wish I had some prawns to go with this, it would've been magnificent!


I put only 1 tsp of chicken stock, some vegetable seasoning and a pinch of salt. It tasted like I didn't put anything at all! I only taste the crunchy lettuce, carrot and slight hint of the scallion. It made everything so tasty and fresh! Maybe I should've put more salt in it. xD

The fried version of this is phenomenal! Crunchy popia wraps to go with the cucur udang with the scallion slightly burnt, is soooo tasty! I would definitely suggest you to cook it, if you want the more delicious part. Of course, the healthy choice would be to bake it, with little oil. =)

Your choice!

Shine on,


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