Quote of The Day: 2 December 2010

December 02, 2010

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“Anything you’re good at contributes to happiness.”
― Bertrand Russell

The Happy Story
I find it true. Absolutely true. It works in lots of ways, like, say, last time in the academy where I really studied and love learning beauty. I put my heart to it and so that made me happy. When I do it on my own will, that makes me a success in my studies. So I got good grades and this makes my parents and teacher happy. Maybe the people at City & Guilds were happy for me to see me have Distinctions three times.


The NOT Happy Story

On the other hand, last time where I worked at. This is an example where something you can/ are good at, was criticized and somebody negative in there so much that you doubt yourself and can't be happy. This person thinks she's the greatest of all the Great Nail Techs out there and hates me. I don't know why, but I don't like her stompings, starings, leering and badmouthing me to other people. This, in turn, made me think I can't do the job and I couldn't work at my best- thus, not happy. Because I think I can't shape a nail or in fear of that amazon woman most of the time. She does look like an amazon woman. Big and scary to me.

I know you might say that I can just ignore her. But I can't. I believe in teamwork. In team spirit where everybody has the same views, the same thinking on serving customers and absolutely needs co-operation to work. Which that salon didn't have I see. I can't work like that.

So there goes, the quote of the day.

Shine on,

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