Saturday, December 11, 2010

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's 2011 Membership Card Design Winner!
Remember the vote PCRM held for their 2011 membership card design? They have a winner already!

Its...........~ (drumroll)

It's the Stop Animal Testing design! Wohooo!!!

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine card design 2011 winner

Become a member at PCRM and be amongst more than 125,000 like individuals who fight for:

Put a stop to the use (really abuse!) of animals in medical school courses.
Stand up to the Department of Defense so they stop using animals in military training courses (they shoot pigs and torture monkeys with toxic chemicals)!
Persuade Congress to pass laws that support vegetarian options in school lunches—to protect children and animals!

It's sort of like a donation too you know. =) Just pay minimum $20 and you're a member!

Shine on,


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