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No Plastic Bags on Mondays Campaign Starting 2011
Well, not something new right? WRONG! There is! Read on.

City Hall Director-General Datuk Yeo Boon Hai said that with the launching of the 'No Plastic Bags on Mondays' campaign early January 2011, two more days will be added to the current one-day no-plastic day.

no plastic bags campaign in kota kinabalu start 2011 on mondays saturdays and tuesdays
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"Now, we only have Mondays for people to make use of their own bags when they buy things but starting next year, we will have Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays as the 'No Plastic Day'," he said.

There are currently 133 premises who are participating in this campaign, including Giant and gladly, Khidmat Supermarket! =)

Yeo also said that the City Hall would also put on more efforts on making Menggatal town a cleaner place by 2011.

Another Story

Joannes Solidau, City Hall Deputy Director-General (Operations) calls on all restaurant operators, families and public to practise good waste segregation. This is beneficial to care for the environment.

"By segregating and dividing at least the wet and dry wastes, we would be able to reduce the overloaded amount of rubbish in our society," he said.

By separating the trash to wet and dry types, it can be used for various purposes such as fertilisers and so forth, apart from preventing rats, cockroaches, and other pests from roaming around, he said.

So get your grocery bags ready for 2011 and I vow right now this instant that I'll reduce the amount of plastic usage and will try to remember to bring my shopping bag whenever I go out.

Do your part and vow too!

Source from Daily Express.

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  1. thats great!baby steps..sooner o later,everyday will eventually be No Plastic Bags day!like what we are implementing here.used to be Sunday only,now it's everyday!=)


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