Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meet Our PM in Person
Dear ,

This year my relationship with my online friends was further strengthened when I met hundreds of you at the tea party. Next year I look forward to interacting with you in many more ways. I hope to see more participation from you and encourage your family and friends to take full advantage of these opportunities.

As my work takes me around the country, I would like to connect with as many of you near where you live. If you would like to meet with me during my travels to your area, submit your details in the form here. Beginning next year, when I am confirmed to visit your state or district, my office will contact you with more information on our exclusive meet up.
Najib Razak

meet dato seri najib tun razak in person 2011

So, I think the quotes are enough to tell you that our prime minister, Dato' Sri Najib Razak wants to get up-close and personal with his Malaysian people!

I must say he's doing a fantastic job here with the 1 Malaysia idea and the changes within the government departments. Mom said now there are spies who will straightaway take pictures or report about offenses such as taking government's car out for non-official purpose or take 'teh tarik' breaks when they're not supposed to. If caught, pictures will be shown or spoken out in a meeting.

Oh sorry I babble too much- if you want to meet our Dato's Sri, you need to register first.

Dalam tinjauan mesra yang saya gemar adakan apabila membuat lawatan di dalam negara, saya berasa terpanggil untuk berinteraksi dengan semua rakyat Malaysia. Adakah anda berminat untuk berjumpa saya semasa saya melawat kawasan anda untuk bertukar fikiran dan berkongsi pendapat?

Sila isikan butiran anda di bawah. Pejabat saya akan menghubungi anda sekiranya lawatan saya di sekitar Malaysia melalui kawasan kediaman anda. Anda juga akan menerima emel mengenai perkembangan terkini laman web saya.

Shine on,


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