Thursday, December 23, 2010

KK Market (Pasar KK) May Close Down
The Kota Kinabalu Central Market here is going to close down if the local council is still not paying attention to their pleas.

The Story

Traders said that concrete chunks are falling off from the ceiling above and there's nothing that they can do.

"It is not a big job, but it will be dangerous if ignored. Pieces of concrete are falling off the ceiling and could end up dropping on people's head. It is happening all over the market," said a trader who pointed to patches of fungus and dirty stains on the walls of the old walls.

kk market may close down in kota kinabalu sabah 2010

He also said that there are rats everywhere and it was claimed dirty and unsafe;

"This market was built in the mid-70s and nothing has been done to maintain it. The drains are not properly covered and big rats are easily getting in and out.

kk market may close down in kota kinabalu sabah 2010

"There is lack of lighting and fans in the market and the overhead pipes are leaking."

Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu Agrees

Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu also agreed to it and said that the building needs to be upgraded and repainted.

Another one here by Hiew, whom quoted from Hawkers Association chairman, Johnny Fung stated that there are less tourist coming and that the illegals are openly selling their goods in the market as well and cutting out those who paid monthly to DBKK RM90.

"Hawkers are facing a tough time with illegals. The first floor stalls where they sell clothes, shoes, handbags and other items are faced with really bad business turnovers. Sometimes they can’t even sell a pair of trousers in a day.

"But they still have to pay rental of RM90 per month to DBKK (Dewan Bandar Kota Kinabalu), and some have to use and pay for two cubicles to store their goods.

"Their businesses are at a loss and it is getting harder to survive. They said they don’t know what will come next."

I Say

I totally agree with them. That place is super filthy and I doubt if any tourist will even think of going there when they see it from afar. I myself eeww in disgust several times everytime I go there to get mom's jagung bakar or to get some fresh vegetables. The corridor or walkways itself needs implants on it to smoothen out the surface again. Let's leave out the buildings that have fishes and meat, it's worse than the dry ones. If the place's pretty, I 100% sure more people would go there, especially me. I rather go to the wet market to buy fresh stuff for cooking than to the groceries.

Source from Malaysians Must Know The Truth

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