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Jon D'Agostino, Comic Artist Passed Away at Age 81
Jon D'Agostino, who included his art duties in famous comics such as Archie, GI Joe and Incredible Hulk has passed away on 28 November 2010. He battled bone cancer before leaving wife Vivi Testa D'Agostino, 5 children; three sons- John D'Agostino Jr, Peter D'Agostino and Pat (Stacey) D'Agostino; two sisters- Lucielle Felice and Gina,two brothers- Peter and Ted D'Agostino, four grandchildren- John D'Agostino III, Lance Corporal Marc D'Agostino, Nicholas D'Agostino and Gabriella Grace D'Agostino, 2 great-grandchildren- Isabella and John D'Agostino IV and several nieces and nephews.

Jon D'Agostino comic for archie and incredible hulk passed away on 28 november 2010

Jon D'Agostino Biography

Jon D'Agostino was born in Cervinara, Italy on June 13, 1929, son of the late Pasquale and Annunziata Pitanello D'Agostino. He was an American comic book artist best known for his Archie Comics work. He attended the Industrial School of Art in New York City. His first job was as the Head Colorist for NYC's Timely Comics, the 1940s forerunner of Marvel Comics. There he supervised a new young artist named Stan Goldberg. Stan would later become one of Archie Comics' most prominent cartoonists.

His mentor early on was the well-known Stan Lee. For the next 62 years, he did work for many comic book publishers. His credits include “My Little Margie,” “The Amazing Spider Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” and “Sonic The Hedgehog.”

What Others at Archie Comic Publications Say

“Jon was concerned about doing the best job possible. He would always be available to help young artists improve their artwork and draw the Archie cast of characters. He was very dedicated to his work and Archie Comics. I had the privilege of working with Jon for over 40 years and considered him a good friend. I will truly miss him”

Co-President and Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick

“Jon was a part of the Archie Comics family. He came into the offices every week to work with other artists and continued to visit the offices even in the recent weeks before his passing. I have had the pleasure of having many great conversations with him in his time at Archie Comics. He will be greatly missed,”

Co-CEO Jon Goldwater

Jon D'Agostino’s last interior work will be published in December 2010 in JUGHEAD DOUBLE DIGEST #166, as part of the four-part “Cyrano Jones” story. Jon’s work on covers will appear on several covers for the company through 2011.

Source from Comic Book Movie.

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