Sunday, December 12, 2010

Garlic Bread During Boring Time
Here's the garlic bread that I talked about in my Vegetable Popia post. This was made during the last 4 days of boredom at home. xD

I love making this bread. It's super easy and just plain delicious with hot, thick chicken soup!

easy garlic bread recipe at home from consfood

You Need...

A french loaf, preferably with grains, because it's healthier for your intestines.
A garlic butter.

You can get this anywhere really, I saw one at Servay Likas, Tong Hing and the one I usually use is from Consfood because it's near to where I get the french loaf. xD Cheap too, RM3 per bottle. You know this type rots fast, like spaghetti sauces. Bad? No preservatives, helloooo~ Would you want to drink milk that doesn't rot forever?

A baking oven, anything that uses heat to cook food. Microwave maybe?

I guess I have to call this Easy Garlic Bread bread. xD


Cut the french loaf into any shape, any style you want.

Preferably bite-size, you don't want to stuff your bread onto your mouth like a two-pound meat. Careful not to cut yourself.

Pre-heat the oven. Let's not waste time now.
Take a butter knife and spread the garlic butter on the bread slices. Be generous, you'll reap the benefits later, nobody else.
You're almost done now. Grease your baking pan with butter or oil, whichever you like.
Pop them into the oven and wait for 20 minutes.

20 minutes is enough to make the crust crispy while the inner side of the bread stays soft. If you're on for the crispy-allover-the-bread type, make it 30-40 minutes. Always check on the underside, turn them upside down if you must, to avoid burn.

Wait for the beautiful aromatic smell of garlic fill in the kitchen. Wait for the 'Ting!' by the oven's timer and enjoy your bread. Careful with the metal bars tho.

In my bread here, I was a little bit in the mood to chop some garlic then spread them on the breads before baking. =) Tasted much better and definitely healthier! Garlic's good for various reasons you know?

Shine on,


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