Friday, December 10, 2010

Demi Lovato Story Punch by Alex Welch
Here's an update on the issue where Demi Lovato punched Alex Welch. Now, Alex is telling the story, on why Demi punched her.

demi lovato punch alex welch no response

The Story

A few hours before the fight/flight xD, Alex and the other dancers were threatened by Demi because someone had reported about her inappropriate behavior from the night before. Alex said that Demi “pulled the dancers in a room and threatened: ‘If I find out who told on me …" and no more text after that. Maybe there was a hand-to-hand action. xD

Alex claims that she wasn’t worried because she didn't witness what had happened that got Demi into “trouble” in the first place, and she even insists she wasn’t the one who told the tour managers. “I didn’t say anything and didn’t think twice about it."

Once on the plane, all hell broke loose. “We were on the plane with the Jonases having this awesome time and I didn’t get a call or text from Demi or a ‘hey, you got a problem with me,’ nothing. And she walks up and punches me and literally walked away and got in her seat.”

Not so bad eyh? At least she didn't throw you off the plane.


Alex said that, “To this day, I haven’t gotten an apology. I’ve heard nothing,” Alex tells People. “That’s sad if you think that person is your friend.”

A source close to Demi however, told that “Demi hasn’t been able to call Alex because she is sequestered in treatment, but multiple efforts have been made to reach out to her.” And while we haven’t heard from the Camp Rock 2 star about the altercation in her own words, her spokesperson Jesse Derris promises that “Demi feels awful about what happened. Right now, she is 100 percent committed to her treatment.”

Now there are lawyers involved in this chick fight. Oh Lord.

I have a feeling...I don't know. I think Alex is the bad one here. Maybe she was the one who told about Demi to the manager. Don't know. But she wasn't, why would Demi punch her for nothing? She seems sane to me. Or should I say 'seemed'? xD She must've been very angry to use fist instead of just a slap.

Source from Hollywood Life.

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