Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 1 of Pre-Fever
The day before yesterday was the day I went out to watch Narnia 3 in 3 D (super awesome), I got into badminton outing with family at night.

After 2 hours of gruelling muscle contractings and loosenings, I started to have a sore throat. Not so bad, just like, say, 20% pain. I thought I am to fall sick soon, because that's how my body signals me when I'm about to have a fever. Slept early at 11pm right after I got home. Nevermind the tummy full 30 minutes earlier, I don't care. All I care was my head was heavy and started spinning.

Then the bad experience began the next day of it.

I couldn't wake out of bed until 12.53pm. I woke up several times before, eyes filled with more than normal tai mata. Yeah I saw that coming. My head was super heavy like somebody tied a football-sized metal brick onto my forehead with a tiny pin behind my head. I knew if I wake up then I'd tumble down to the floor. Only when I finally wake up for the fourth time, I think, I could feel I'd be okay to stand up.

Got down and found out that the house had no electricity due to not paying the bills on time.


No tv, no laptop, no water heater, no nothing. Dad went to pay the bills and everybody was out but me. I was alone. Yes I was, and so I was glad. Because I can have the house over to myself, have peace, have the yogurt to myself and I read Stephen King's novel, Everything's Eventual until 6pm. Didn't have anything else better to do, so...

I lit up a candle around 5.30pm, just in case no electric will be around when the night falls. The candle was about 80% of it's original length when I started to burn it and about 30 minutes later, the candle was about to be out already. Screw those cheap RM1.50 per 6 black boxes. Dragged myself to the kitchen to get another cheap candle.

Upon my return, I was fascinated by the candle. It was at it's end and the candle's wick was broken into two, remarkably. It was near to each other and enough to present such wonderful blazes of fire with blue and white flames beneath it. Too bad when I got to my camera, the picture that I wanted was gone already. =(

candle burning big flame in dark

By 6.15pm, somebody came with a motorcycle with Sabah's badge on the front of it. Phew. Or I'd be crying with so many mosquitoes hovering around me like tiny little vampires looking at a juicy meaty buffalo drinking water.

Shine on,


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