Monday, December 6, 2010

Create 3 Columns in Footer for Blogger, the Easy Way
Hi all! This is just a tip for those of you who wants to have 3 columns under your blog post. It's called 3 columns on your footer actually, and so I googled. =) I've tried numerous tutorials, some from famous blogs but all are so complicated and results in my layout to change. I only found one that seriously was easy to do and it just took a copy & paste method, one time only. I swear.

create 3 column in footer or under blog
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However I encountered a problem at first. Some of you sure need to locate something like;

Right? And you don't find it! How annoying is that? I don't find anything similar to footer-wrapper, footer-wrap, foot-wrap, food-wrap....? xD Where am I going with this?? Haha! Okay back to serious mode.

What I Did
The code to be put on the layout is;

Just click on the box and press Ctrl+A alright? Saves time really. It will highlight all the items in the box.

I simply put the code on the lowest part of my html code, before the code;

Saved the template without thinking twice (because I've backed up my template before xD ) and tadaaaaaa! Boy I was so happy. So this is a post for those who wants 3 columns underneath their blog post/ blog body or in other words, 3 columns in blogger's footer.

Thank you so much Blog Know How! You've saved me a lot more time before midnight!

Shine on,


  1. Sadly, I can't do the same to my blog template. It would be awesome if it works :(

  2. Wantanho! You very welcome! =D
    Hi Rungitom! Ah yaka? Why so?

  3. Ah yaka? Try you kasi revert to classic template. Click yes saja then do the steps. See how?

  4. большое спасибо было очень интересно прочитать

  5. И не думала про такое. Расскажу маме, она не поверит!

    Полезный сайт! Все стильно сделано.

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  7. Malware?? How you did you find out? Looks okay to me.


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