Thursday, December 9, 2010

Barney at Super Save Centre Point
The day where I found out that there'll be another 'Warisan Square' in Kota Kinabalu waterfront, I found another delighting news. =) You know Centre Point was having those construction work at the...some floor of it and out came the new Ngiu Kee floor and nice Watson on the Ground Floor.

On the 2nd Floor (I think, where Oopz is) I saw Barney and a Mr. Bee (sorry don't know the name!) hugging kids and taking pictures. I was like, "Wow Barney!"....and no friends..? xD

barney at new shop super save in centre point kota kinabalu sabah

Then I see that they're there for a shop. A new shop! It's the Super Save shop.

barney at new shop super save in centre point kota kinabalu sabah

Inside is a vast lane of stationeries, decorations, fake flowers, kitchen utensils, car accessories, clothes (even bras), and tools. It's like the RM2 shop or One Stop...errr, you know, the one near Asia City that. =D It is definitely a great option to Daiso or Kaison up above for some of the stuff would definitely are cheaper and loads of things to browse at.

I think it was their first official day to operate, that would explain the appearance of Barney and friend. Tho I think the Barney looked malnourished...he looked so thin! xD

Shine on,


  1. very welcome Stella. =) Daiso and Kaison sure will have a new tough competitor now.


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