Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Joined We Are Sabahan Bloggers!
we are sabahan bloggers are great kota kinabalu sabah

I've recently just joined a Sabahan Bloggers group called We Are Sabahan Bloggermania (WSB). Why did I joined this? All thanks to MosePA, who commented on Sabahan Cyclist Got Gold in Triathlon. Thank you MosePA!

I just signed up yesterday NIGHT and now I have so much of Sabahan bloggers in my Facebook profile already. The people there are so friendly and I just felt like family straightaway when I went to their We Are Sabahan BloggerMania [WSB] facebook page.

WSB posted about me somewhat during the day just now (I didn't online my Facebook the whole day! xD) and I felt touched, I mean, people liked that post and commented saying welcome and all, I was so touched. Like I was special, like I meant something to them all. Wasabers (the WSB members) welcomed me with so much warmth and they sure love to joke a lot, hehe. Pure Sabahan hospitality! Now I'm not a stranger to them anymore, I'm a Wasaber. =D

Sure there are more Sabah community blogs out there for people to join but...I personally think this is the best to join.

There are several benefits that I can see from joining this community;
I'm always interested to get to know people, have connections and it's even better when they are Sabahans, what more bloggers!
Like I said, friendly Wasabers. This is important, you know, interaction within the community, happy2? I love friendliness, don't you?
WSB posted Wasabers on 8th November 2010 post where the biggest name in size is the most active Wasaber for the month. This shows WSB is active and always update their content. I hate to join something, like a page or a group then no newsletters, no shoutouts, no photos, no nothing whatsoever even after a year. Sucks right?
They have Loyal Wasaber Nametags award! This makes everything more interesting and shows that WSB appreciates and cherish their fellow Wasabers and is passionate about setting up the group.
WSB is thinking of holding a futsal match within the community. I think this is great, just like any other organizations are doing. WSB might be the next NGO man. Seriously. This shows WSB wants to get to know Wasabers in person, closer as in face to face, showing more passion for the community in my opinion. Maybe there'll be more activities like charity dinner, volunteering for needy ones...1-day care for animals? Wow that'll be super great! (I love animals) Aha...merapu saja aku ni.
They also have a chat room for fellow Wasabers to chat, 24/7! This is amazing!
They encourage Wasabers to follow each other, one more way to gain more interaction!

I can think of only these so far, after only a day. xD Not bad huh?

Wana join too?
Just fill in the WSB registration form and pledge "Saya anak jati Sabah dan berjanji akan menyokong komuniti ini.". Hit 'Submit Form' and join their facebook page and get to know everybody!

Shine on,


  1. Uina... Kembang pula sya ni tau... adededee... Hehe... Thanks for the compliment... Anyway, it's our task right to get more sabahan people to gather + unite in a such community so that we can help each other in term of info, advice and many other things. When first time i saw your blog, I look around from the top to the bottom... "Aik, blum join pula dia ni WaSaBer group ar... Ini mesti mau kasi join dan invite...jengjeng2..." Begitulah ceritanya... Anyway, let us get to know in this group and keep in touch kio... Hehe... spread this group to other friends kio... For the sake of Sabahan.... Yeahhh...

  2. yuhuuu~nice post!! promote2 gitu hehe... why don't you add a shoutbox here in your blog. sebab wasabers suka lawat2/blogwalking tu hehe...

  3. Hey Michelle darl! Thank you! =D Oooh ya kan, lupa suda pasal shoutbox. xD Will do by today! Janji! =D

  4. Hi MosePA! =D Yaaa keranamu aku ikut WSB, mesti cerita dong! =D hohoho~ will do! smlm nda sempat, sbb ngantuk betul suda lepas habis buat ni post.

  5. macam best! imma going to check it out! ;)

  6. Hey Lee! Yes, very best2! Should join and sign up! Simple saja register tu. xD Will be watching on the board! =D


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