Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wandered in Beverly Hills and Snowy's Deworm Medicine
Yesterday I went to follow hun to change his car's insurance provider. We first went to find his customer at Beverly Hills apartment to get his pay for servicing his newly-bought lorry. All I know is the one that is opposite to the rows of shops before Penampang, so we went there. Turns out there are Beverly Hills aparmtent in PHASES.

What I mean by phases is that theses are like Taman's and they are located at different locations, not at the same spot (the same entry booth). The customer is at Phase 1 and the one we started at was Phase 2. So we wandered to Beverly Hills Phase 5, the guard there misguided us, saying Phase 1 is upfront, called the customer for directions, then went to some more residential apartments uphill, called the customer again, then finally found Phase 1. And guess what? Beverly Hills Apartment Phase 1's gate DON'T HAVE A SIGN at it's gateway, like other phases. If there was a sign on it, we wouldn't have to spend 15 minutes more by passing over it, thinking it was a gateway out of the apartment. Oh god.

Got his money, went to his bank to get his car card- super easy! xD Then went to Damai to find BH Insurance, saying it's at Damai Plaza. Stopeed over at Desa Fresh Mart (next block to Rafflesia Chicken Hut, RCH) to get the so-called kebab. Turns out they make it like a burger, they stuff the meat into a pita bread, then put ketchup/ chili sauce and mayonnaise (I think I tasted that).

burger kebab from desa fresh mart damai kota kinabalu sabah

I thought Damai Plaza is the one that has Watsons on, so we went there, circled twice then moved out. Did some wanderings some more...on foot, and it was raining. How worse can it possibly be?

Thank god, no more worsening of things. xD We finally get to call the office (which was engaged since we started to search for the office) and told us it's right above the Maxis Centre which is next to Upperstar. Oh God. You know what, it would've been so much more helpful to put 'above Maxis Centre Damai' or 'near Upperstar and Celcom Centre Damai' in the website address instead of putting Block B, Lot 5 & 6, Damai Plaza, Phase 3, Wisma CTF, Jalan Damai. We, customers, the public, won't know Block B or Wisma CTF man.

Map of Damai Plaza, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu Location

Then went to Pinnacle Pet Supplies to get Snowy's deworm medicine. They sell it in individuals from the box. The brand is Drontal and no, the tablet isn't as big as the packaging. xD Maybe half of it. RM6.+ Direction would be 2kg for half tablet.
drontal cat worm medicine from Pinnacle Pet Supplies damai kota kinabalu

Hope this will work! =) Aaand that's much about it about my day.

Shine on,


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