Thursday, November 11, 2010

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Brings 10 Medals From BioMalaysia 2010
universiti malaysia sabah ums won 10 medals at biomalaysia 2010 kuala lumpur

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) brought home 10 medals from the BioMalaysia 2010 that was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 1-3 November 2010.

BioMalaysia 2010 is...

The largest trade exhibition on biotechnology in the region, BioMalaysia attracts participation from more than 150 exhibiting companies from the private and public sectors. Exhibits include new biotechnology breakthroughs, innovative products and solutions for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Environment, Water and Waste Water Management, Manufacturing and Bio-processing, Forestry, Mining, Biochemical and Biofuel, etc. Biotechnology companies, Universities and Research Institutions will also be exhibiting their latest innovation and inventions on biotechnology.

This is an international, worldwide event- UMS should be very proud of their team, that was led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UMS (Research & Innovation) Professor Dr Rosnah Ismail.

Here are the winners...
Gold medal: Associate Professor Dr Suhaimi Md Yasir on “Development of Mini Estate System in Seaweed Cultivation”
Gold medal: Associate Professor Dr Vijay Kumar on “Estimation of Genome Size using Real-Time PCR”
Silver medal: Dr Patricia Matanjun on “Development of Veggie Noodle from Sabah Tropical Seaweeds”. (sounds nyummy!)
Silver medal: Wilson Yong Thau Lym on “EucheRichTM – An Optimised Euchema spp. Culturing Media”
Bronze medal: Associate Professor Dr Chye Fook Yee on BioNovus- a novel natural bio-preservative to ensure food remain safe and unspoiled.
Bronze medal: Kenneth Rodrigues on Seedprint- a PCR Based Method for the Identification of Commercial Seeds
Bronze medal: Ag Ahmad Md Yunus on "Mengkuang Composite"
Bronze medal: Assoc Prof Dr Charles Vairappan on "Essence of Curry Leaf: Healthy Salad Dressing"
Bronze medal: Hartinie Marbawie on "Development of Labisa Microkit: Medium Formulation for In Vitro Culture of Kacip Fatimah"
Bronze medal: Dr Liew Kang Chiang on "Kenaf Core as Filler in Road"

UMS at the BioMalaysia 2010 competed with over 100 international and local counterparts which included BioNexus Companies, international biotechnology-related companies, venture capitalists, research institutions, universities and government bodies and agencies.

It attracted more than 7,000 participants including 40 biotechnology experts from 30 countries who spoke at the conference

UMS, keep it up and congratulations to all medalists!

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