Monday, November 8, 2010

Sabahan Cyclist Got Gold in Triathlon
Laura Avila Adrian, proud to say she's a Convent, as in went to SMK St. Francis Convent (M), Kota Kinabalu. =) Not only she's a genius, she's a sportswoman as well!

She got gold and silver in the Sarawak International Triathlon 2010 in Miri last Sunday! She competed in the Women's Under-20 category and came in first in the sprint event, thus the gold and silver was for the Olympic distance.

"The last time I competed in a triathlon event was three years ago at the same meet. I didn't expect to do so well as I know that my time in the swimming event is not so good and to finish second in the Olympic distance behind a world class athlete who is ranked in the top 25 is way beyond my expectation," she said.

Her next triathlon would be in Brunei but it's not confirmed yet. Her younger brother, Laurel, from Maktab Sabah (holly crap they have their own website!), got third in the Men's Under-20 sprint category and 11th in the Men's 16-29 category. Not bad, this is remarkable, what the siblings did!

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  1. Hi Glamiva... What a beautiful blog... I love it... I wish to follow your blog, but I couldn't find your blog's follow... And one more, do join us, sabahan blogger's group... . Thank you...

  2. Gee thanks! Oh ya ba kan...good thing you mentioned that. Wow I didn't know you guys exist! xD Will do!

  3. she won n she didn't even tell me. hehe~

  4. Ala mgkin dia masih sana Miri tuuuuuuUUUUU..or she's being modest. Lau bukan jenis boasting kan~ xD

  5. yuhuuu Delilah~ found your blog from WSB( nice blog u got here! :D followed u~ ^^,

  6. Del... I will put you in my blog list because I don't want to miss any of your post... And I've just follow you... Will you follow me back? Thank you...

  7. ahhh~ dia pun nda gtau. hehe~ balik sdh dia c sungai buloh pun nda gtau. adei...

  8. Sg buloh? Isn't dat somewhere in semenanjung? ya ka?? wat's she doing there??

  9. Hey MosePA! Thank you! Oh god you have follow button and I didn't see it. Sorry2! Already followed! =D


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