Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Unstoppable Movie 2010
review on movie unstoppable 2010 starring denzel washington and chris pine

Unstoppable. You'd think of something like the hero is avenging the death of his family and kills everybody in the entire mafia clan. WRONG! xD It's about a runaway train, with no driver, no safety on it. Enticing eyh?

The main characters of this 2010 movie would be Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Inspired by real life story, this movie is a 'train wreck'! xD Naaaah, what I meant was this movie is a thriller! The movie made my heart pumping non-stop from the minute the running train started at the first third of the movie until it got stopped successfully. I felt so much thrill, curiosity on whether they’d succeed on stopping the train, so much anxious for the movie.

review on movie unstoppable 2010 starring denzel washington and chris pine

The way the movie was filmed, I felt so personal, like I'm looking at the movie in person, not through the wide screen tv. Thrill definitely was my best friend at the time of the movie.

Unstoppable Movie 2010 Cast
Denzel Washington as Frank
Chris Pine as Will
Rosario Dawson as Connie
Ethan Suplee as Dewey
Kevin Dunn as Galvin
Kevin Corrigan as Inspector Werner
Kevin Chapman as Bunny
Lew Temple as Ned
T.J. Miller as Gilleece
Jessy Schram as Darcy Colson
David Warshofsky as Judd Stewart
Andy Umberger as Janeway
Elizabeth Mathis as Nicole
Meagan Tandy as Maya
Dylan Bruce as Michael Colson (as Dylan L. Bruce)

Great job on the filming, directing and also to the actors and actresses. Congratulations on your movie. Good job!

Unstoppable Movie 2010 Trailer

Unstoppable Trailer

I would definitely recommend this movie for you to watch because I'm giving it 8/10! =D

Shine on,


  1. the last time Denzel Washington played with trains was The Taking of Pelham 123 :D

  2. Ah ya ba kaaan! I wanted to watch it! But couldn't... >.<


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