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Review: Fashion Dash by PlayFirst
review fashion dash by playfirst

Here's my review for Fashion Dash game by PlayFirst! I'll also give you tips and talk about Fashion Dash Walkthrough.

review fashion dash by playfirst
My review for this game is nice, just like Diner Dash. The way things work is exactly like that. Understandable and not hard to get around with. The storyline made everything even more interesting and there are always challenges as I went further up the levels.

My rate is 8/10. =)

Fashion Dash Walkthrough, Storyline
You're starring as Coco, a fashion designer for Dancerrific, a dance show. Too bad the show was cancelled due to bad ratings and her final paycheck was in thousands of cloths like silks, velvet, lace and spandex! Coco was then helping out her buddy, Flo from Diner Dash (yes, THE Diner Dash!) serving customers and in the midst of wondering what to do with her 'paychecks', Flo's customers were having last minute need of clothes! So there goes her journey opening a boutique that lets guest come in, measure them up and sew their clothes. A while after opening, she was thinking of making her own show with her ex colleagues from Dancerrific. She'll start her quest from Dinertown,Uptown, Fashionwood to Madrid, and lastly Paris.

How to Play Fashion Dash
Just like Diner Dash, customers will show up and you'll drag & place them on seats. Here's the sequence:

Drag & drop customers to seats.
Bring them the catalog. (click catalog then customer)
Wait a while for them to order.
Click on the customer to take measurement.
Send to the tailor (located at top window) according to the color of their desired color. (observe the color before taking measurement)
Wait a while then click on the finished attire next to the tailor.
Click on the customer's booth.
Wait a while and click to receive $$$.

review fashion dash by playfirst

Not that hard right? =) Of course, you have a Goal you need to achieve to advance to the next level. There are also Expert Goals. If you serve a customer fast enough, you'll get Fast Service bonus points- giving catalog, taking measurement, giving clothes and taking payment. You can get bonus for Chain Actions too! The more you do the same action, the more points you'll get!

You can see customer's happiness and if their happiness is low, they might leave and this will cost you 200 points! So be careful on this.

Fashion Dash Expert Goal Tips
I managed to get Expert Goals on all levels. =) My strategy was to serve a lot of customers to get lots of Chain Actions. I let them pile up waiting then drag & drop them. I make sure that the seats are mostly full then start giving catalogs. Nevermind the Fast Service Bonus, Chain Action gives more points.

I make sure everybody wants the same service then I start doing them. For instance, (if you're further way up the levels) some might want Shoes, Handbags or Inquire (question mark on the customer). So I make sure I finish these, starting from the least number of action to the most number of action. Same thing before receiving payment. Some customers would want Jewellery or Cologne.

That's it. My secret getting Expert Goal. =) Good luck to you!

Fashion Dash Tips
For sure some of you have difficulties on some levels- just can't make that customer to not leave. For sure you won't have time or just can't make time for that customer. You know what, just make them leave. There were 2 or 3 levels I need to let that customer to leave and guess what? I managed to get Expert Goals! There were just 1 or 2 customers that I need to let them leave. =)
If you serve drinks to customers then quickly serve them, you can actually get Fast Service bonus too despite they have been waiting for long.
Always serve Heiress, Hipsters, Tennis Players and Guitar Girls FAST. They have low patience (especially Heiress- you can only play music 3 times before she leaves).
Guitar Girls were my stomache aches. If they play their guitars, customers near them will be mad, have lower hearts and lose 10 points for each customer. Same goes when they're in the boutique. Try to serve them fast (if you're sure about this) or seat them far away from impatient people (the ones mentioned above).
Seat people who're slow to order like Grannies or Gentlemen then put the moderate ones like Young Women, Young Men and Starlets, then put the fast ones like Hipsters, Businessmen and Tennis Players. Then they'd order all at the same time and you might get some Fast Service Bonus.

That's all I can think of. Those who has other tips and tricks on Fashion Dash, please do share and comment below! Thank you!

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  1. My score is 687, 140. Went to the Global Score All Time and boy, there's Paul with 895, 190 score! You're amazing man! I'm not even in the top 100. =p So many talented people in this world...


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